Terms Of Sale


Both buyer and seller are understood to agree to the following Terms of Sale:

All domains sold via this website or via correspondence initiated at this website are sold as-is and with no associated website.  Sales will be considered effected only upon both receipt of payment and transfer to the purchaser.  In general, and without exeption, no warranty is provided regarding the future usefulness or viability of the domains being sold or of the rights being transferred.  In particular, no warranty regarding trademark, service mark, copyright, or domain rights is provided by the seller.   All liability of the seller is strictly limited to the return of the purchase price in the event of a failure to transfer the domain to the purchaser.  Any and all legal disputes regarding domain sales must be submitted to the appropriate court within thirty days of payment.  All disputes will be adjudicated in the Federal or State Courts of the County of Mercer in the state of New Jersey.  All domains on this website are sold by JosephParvin, Domains for Sale LLC (DBA First Domains or DBA FirstDomains.com).    

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